Fitbit App: Batterie

Mit „Batterie“ habe ich soeben meine erste kleine Fitbit-App veröffentlicht. Die Funktion der App ist denkbar einfach: Nach dem Start zeigt sie den aktuellen Ladestand deines Fitbit-Trackers an.

Die App steht sowohl für die Versa als auch Ionic über die Fitbit-App zum Download bereit.

English Version

„Battery“ is my first app to be published in the Fitbit-App. It’s a handy little app, that doesn’t do any more than to display the current state of your battery.

It’s available to Versa and Ionic devices as well. The app comes with localisations for German and English.

4 Gedanken zu „Fitbit App: Batterie“

  1. Danke sehr!

    I used to have a similar app on my Pebble, but was disappointed not find one for my Ionic. A simple app, but works as advertised and is just the tool I needed.

    1. Hi Maurice,

      thank you for comment and: Sehr gerne! 😉
      It’s always good to get feedback from people that use your software, even though it’s just a tiny little app like this one.


    1. Hey Jim,
      thanks for your input. That’s actually a very good idea. The thing ist, it seems to me that the Fitbit SDK doesn’t support this information.
      Hmm, maybe there is another way to get this information, but this could lead in to another permission to be asked for: Running the app in the background.

      Well, I’ll figure that out and keep you posted here. Thanks!

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